Registrar of Record

The Registrar identity can be used to attempt to get the login credentials.

-If your registrar offers “secret” questions to recover a password this could lead to compromise (like Sarah Palin)

-The registrar has control of your records and they could simply take your domain and put it someone else’s name.  Be careful about which company registered your domain.  For instance, would you put your money in a bank that uses strippers in Super Bowl ads?  Use common sense when using a domain registrar and check to see what happened in previous legal disputes.

-Note that some registrars will make it difficult to transfer the domain to a different registrar.  Transfer requires the Transfer Authorization Code (called Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) code, auth code, transfer secret, etc.).  By denying access to the code the registrar can prevent your transfer out and force a payment for renewal if it expires.  A complaint can be filed at if this happens.